Lifting You Up



Above is a recording of my song In Your Arms, but this time on the guitar. I hope you like it!!! (:



Lifting You Up


Take a look at the sky, He’s watching

Somewhere beyond the horizon

He’s watching…you now

Beneath the dark skies, He’s lighting

Up the dimness with a fire

It’s glowing…it’s rising…

Waiting here, the Maker of the stars

He’s holding you near

Lift up your eyes…

The whole world beyond, where you are

Filling up the spaces in your heart

He’s Lifting you up…lifting you up

The wars you rage, you don’t have to be afraid

He’s fighting them for you

And He’s lifting, lifting you up

Turn your head around, and keep your eyes ahead

Don’t be fearful of where you’re led

You’re heart’s still beating…strong

Waiting here, the holder of your soul

He’s always near

And will never let you go…

You have a sword of fire, in your hands

Remember the promises of His plans

Keep holding on, keep holding on

Take a look at the sky, He’s watching

Somewhere beyond the horizon

He’s watching…you now

In My Heart

In My Heart


I don’t know how You see

Beyond these broken pieces

That I have carelessly left at my feet

How do You see any beauty?

Or find any light where it’s dark?

How do you fix a heart?


Show me what You see inside me

Show me the pages of my story

The ones, where You intervene.


Light of my heart, Light of my life

You shine Your love, when I can’t see

You’re never too far, for me to reach Your hand

And though I’m broken,

You keep me from falling apart

I always find, You’re here,

Here In My Heart


something beautiful

Something Beautiful


I’m a wreck

I’m a sinking ship

I’ve been down so that I can’t get up

How many times have I fallen?

How many times have I been broken?


I’ve got scars

I’m falling apart

And it’s all my fault

How long will it be until I learn?

How many times will You…


Pick me up and put me back together

Will You just hold me forever?

Will You hold me, hold me tight?

How many times will You breathe your life into me?

Though I’m torn and I’m far from where I need to be

You find me where I am

I fall into Your hands

And You take and mold me

Into something beautiful

You take and mend me

Into Something Beautiful


I break apart

I’ve got a broken heart

But You whisper Your love back into me

How did I go on without seeing?

Where I am, there You are…


And when there’s nowhere that I can run to

I run to You

When I am standing in a hurricane

I know the wind and rain wont knock me down

‘Cause You are holding my hand…



{in all things there is} Healing…

there is healing


He bore our sins in His body on the timber, so that we, having died to sins, might live unto righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.

1Peter 2:24 


Pain lasts for a while, but with His Healing, we wont have to live with it forever. He heals us. He has the power to heal sickness, brokenness, everything.


He wants YOU to come to him for healing.

Yes YOU. He can touch your heart. He can stitch you back together and make you better than you were before.


He doesn’t want you to suffer. He wants to love you! So let Him put all your brokenness away and make you brand new.

No Matter Where You Are

No Matter Where You Are


My heart beats for You, above the hills I sing

No matter where I am, I know You’re with me

You know every word, of my history

It’s in You, that I believe…


No matter where You are, You are with me

And no matter where I am, You are going to be

‘Cause nothing can separate us

Nothing can stop Your love

From reaching me


Every sunrise awakens, with You holding me

I don’t see You, but I feel You

You’re watching everything I do

And I want to be the one You use…


Sometimes I feel like You’re a thousand miles away

That I can’t hear You

But I know that You’re all around me

You’re breathing through me

A beautiful symphony…


And no matter where You are, You are with me

And no matter where I am, You are going to be

‘Cause nothing can separate us

Nothing can stop Your love

From reaching me

{in all things there is} Peace

in all things there is Peace


And the peace of Elohim,

which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your

hearts and minds through Messiah Yahushua.

Philippians 4:7 



I think the above verse says it all when it comes to peace. You find it when you seek it. It can only be found through the Heavenly Father.


He. Is. The. Author. Of Peace.


Life can be a strangled mess, but if you search diligently, you will find peace and all understanding. You have not been forsaken. He has never left your side, no matter what troubles come your way. You just have to listen and you will find His Peace.


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