day by day…



“…day by day He bears our burdens…”

Psalm 68:19


It’s a beautiful day, and as I sit here contemplating the pieces which have made up the essence of my life, I’ve found that despite the many chaotic and dreary days I have encountered, this is one moment in which I take the time to lay back and savor the peace and rest Yahweh has blessed me with. Days like this particular one come and go; and sometimes there are seasons when I wonder if blue skies and sunshine exist anymore. Because of this deep realization, lately I’ve been trying to soak up the sunlight. This hope is what will provide the strength for days when darkness is more present than the light.

I had quite a few dark ages run their course over the years. In fact, tears of anger, sadness, and frustration are a constant thing I must put up with. I’ve spent countless days in fervent remorse over myself and over events of life which I had little power over. Sometimes, my selfish insecurities are what trigger me to create a wildfire that burns up quite a bit of the shelter Yahweh has built in my heart. Yet, His patience has never wavered, nor has He neglected caring for me. It is true that the fire is what refines us. It has refined me time and time again.

I’ve learned much from being burned by my own wildfires; and I have no doubt that you have as well. I’d like to now point back to the verse at the beginning of this post. Take the time to contemplate its meaning for your life. Maybe at this moment you are walking through a whirlwind and you are having hard time seeing through the darkness. Maybe the voice and touch of the Father feel absent, as though He has abandoned you. But I will tell you this, as someone who has been burned and broken, He has not forsaken you. He is right here, trying to keep you upright. He is fighting your battles, and He wants to relieve you of every burden that rests upon your shoulders. You may not feel it right now, but He has born every burden you have 24 hours every single day. With this in mind, let go and allow His love and peace to fill you up instead.

I promise, He won’t let you down, nor will He let you go.



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