Walk By Faith!


Hello everyone!

This may be a surprise to a lot of you, but I have just come out with a book! For those of you who love reading this blog, this may interest you.

Walk By Faith is a compilation of essays and poems that I have put together.


“Faith is something we must practice daily—it should be the whole of who we are. And with Yahweh’s help, it can become the one thing you hold onto.

We all need Faith, but it is the one thing most of us lack. This book is a collection of thoughts put together in hopes that it might encourage you to Walk by Faith, no matter what circumstances you’re in.”

This is a first for me and hopefully the beginning of many more published works. First, and foremost, I’d like to thank Yahweh for giving me wisdom in all things and for encouraging me through the darkest times. I’d also like to thank my long time friend, Jared Leys, for helping me with this book. I am so happy to be a part of his own ministry “Second Man Publishing” in being his first client. I pray that many more will be inspired to submit their works in order to forward this publishing company and the body of Messiah. And of course, I thank all of you who read this blog!

This book is something I hope will also help me expand The Narrow Passage as a ministry, as I will be saving much of the royalties for that purpose. I’ve been planning and I am working on expanding this site into a youth ministry for young girls! 

Thank you all for being a part of my walk! I pray that I might continue to inspire each and every one of you.

You can order your copy of “Walk By Faith” here.

Also check out this interview that I did:


Be blessed,



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