He split the sea

Psalm 77 19-20

“And You split the sea before them, and they passed over into the midst of the sea on the dry land. And their pursuers You threw into the deep as a stone into the mighty waters. And You led them by day with a cloudy column, and by night with a column of fire, to give them light in the way they were to go.”

Nehemiah 9:11-12 

We all know how Yahweh led the Israelite’s out of the land of Egypt and across the Red Sea, then later on across the Jordan. But read these verses again and take a deeper look…

He split the sea so

I could walk right through it.

 We are just like the Israelite’s, passing through the wilderness, across rivers of water, time after time. We don’t know what’s ahead, but Yahweh does.

He leads us day and night,

giving us light in the Way

We are to go.

 When we give our all to Yahweh, He is the One we should follow. He leads us in this wilderness that is unfamiliar to us, and shows us which way we should go, by His Light. And though we stumble, He wont forsake us.

 Let the One who Created you and everything around you lead the way. Keep your eyes on Him, let not your heart be troubled. He has control. Trust Him.


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