what would He do?



Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Yahushua Messiah is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!

2Corinthians  13:5


What would Yahushua do? No—seriously, what would He do if He were in your shoes, placed in the situations you are faced with? It’s an interesting concept to think about. But it’s something worth thinking of.

If Yahushua lives in us,

what He would do ought

to be the first thing we think about.

Some might say, “well, in this day and age, you couldn’t possibly do what Yahushua did when He was walking the earth. But why couldn’t you? If Yahushua could love people like He did, why couldn’t we? If Yahushua could have compassion, gentleness, kindness, looking out for each other, why couldn’t we do the same?

Suddenly we live in a new time and place and what Yahushua teaches becomes null and void. Suddenly, it is looked down upon to do what He says to do. Let me tell you something…

 Yahushua didn’t die for you just

for you to go on living the same

way you have always lived.

Yahushua came to earth and walked as an example of how we should walk. So no, it’s not a silly question to ask yourself. In fact, before we think, act or speak anything, we should ask ourselves the question, “What would He do?”

Everyone who believes that Yahushua is the

Messiah has been born of Elohim,

and everyone who loves the Father loves

whoever has been born of him.

1John 5:1

If we are to be of Messiah, we have to do as He did. If He lives in us, we will do as He did. So…

What would Yahushua do?



2 thoughts on “what would He do?

  1. Great thoughts Jenna. You said, “Yahushua didn’t die for you just for you to go on living the same way you have always lived.” This agrees with scripture. I was just reading 1 John 3. In verse 9: “No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him…”

    You spelled ‘Yeshua’ different than I’m used to seeing it: Yahushua. Why do you spell it this way? Is it pronounced differently?

    This is great what you’re doing–mixing scriptural encouragement and visual, music, and written art together. But what about “life” art? I see you have a large archive so I’m not speaking for all your posts, only this one. I wanted an example from your life that proves “before we think, act or speak anything, we should ask ourselves the question, “What would He do?” ” Would you agree that this narrow passage presents different obstacles for each person? I think I would find more encouragement considering how you walk the path. This would also benefit you, for you would have to look at your own life and be an honest judge: are you practicing what you preach? Please take no offense. I only want to see a good blog improve.

    1. Hi J.H,! Thank you for stopping by.

      To answer your first question, I’ll direct you to a teaching on why I use “Yahushua”…I can’t exactly explain it on my own, but this does: http://www.eliyah.com/yahushua.html

      For your second paragraph/question, the posts on this blog are more on what I have personally learned and I just wanted to share them with the world. I can’t say that I can fully practice everything I say because I am always failing, but I do try. I’m always learning. And the purpose of this site is to encourage others in life, knowing that they aren’t the only ones who have troubles and that there is hope for everyone.

      I hope that answers your questions!

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