let it rain

let it rain

there’s a time meant for war
there’s a time meant to pray
there’s a time when all you can say is
let it rain

We’ve all been stuck in moments where we feel like we’re slowly dying inside. And no matter what you do, you can’t make that pain go away. Then as time goes on, you become numb to everything


The Rain Begins to Fall


At this point, you’ve cried outwardly or inwardly, or both and have sent countless questions and petitions to the One who is supposed to have all the answers. But you don’t hear anything in return—it’s just silent and dead.


The Storm Goes On


These are the moments, when we are caught in the strength of the hurricane, that He finds us. Maybe you wont feel Him right away. Maybe you’re already drowning in the doubt and worry…


The Eye of the Hurricane.


It is here, when the tears are streaming down your face. You’ve finally had it. In  an angry voice, you say, “Alright then…let it rain.” Suddenly everything inside you breaks completely.


He Finds You Through It All

His hand touches your shoulder. His arm wraps you into an embrace full of warmth. You turn and put your head on His shoulder. The rest of your tears begin to fall. But you don’t feel weak anymore. You feel His Strength, His Hope, fill every inch of you.

In that moment, you find yourself saying silently, but not bitterly…


Let It Rain…Let It rain…


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