And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the Dwelling Place was torn in two. And crying out with a loud voice, Yahushua said, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” And having said this, He breathed His last. And the captain, seeing what took place, praised Elohim, saying, “Truly, this Man was righteous!”

// Luke 23:45-47 



I stood not far from where the bodies of three men hung on stakes. Why I was there, perhaps it was a divine appointment. But I had to see…I had to see the Man whom all of Jerusalem and the lands around were speaking of.

Then I saw Him, nailed to the center stake. His head was bent, and on it were thorns, piercing into His skin. I winced, but my eyes never left Him. For a moment everything was silent except for the groaning of some women near by, and the jeering of the small crowd that had gathered. And then I felt it, the wind picking up, and the skies growing dark. My own breath seemed to have been drawn right from my mouth.

A force so great struck my soul that I could not even think of what was happening. Before I knew it I was on my knees, tears streaming down from my eyes. My body was stricken by sobs that I could not shake off. I knew then what they said was true—He was the One Israel had been waiting for. Oh Father, Father… My heart cried out.

I looked up at the Man on the stake—The King of the Jews, as it had been written on the board above Him—and our eyes met. He held my gaze under those blood stained eyelids that weakly opened. There was a glint of light that shown in his eyes despite the pain He must have felt. His head seemed to nod at me, as if He understood what I was feeling inside myself.

You are forgiven, My child,

said a voice deep inside me, a small whisper. And yet it was what I felt that amazed me—peace.

Yahushua, the Messiah, then cried out in a voice that made my soul weep with both sorrow and joy. And then He was silent. I watched Him fearfully, but knew that he had indeed been taken away. And yet, I still felt Him inside me with every breath.


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