when your heart is breaking

when your heart is breaking


“You feel your heart beat loudest when it’s breaking…”


It’s the silence, the cold, the loneliness in your soul. It’s the breaking, the tearing, the loss of feeling, you can’t pretend. It’s the darkness, the emptiness, the light that you can barely see, in the distance.

Time and time again, you try to breathe, but you find that you’re drowning in a sea of pain, doubt and fear. You want to give up. When you fall down, you want to stay down.

It’s here, in the waiting.

It’s here, in the failing.

It’s here, in the tears.

It’s here, in the silence.

That One Voice.

He’s here in the silence. He’s here in the cold. He’s here in the loneliness. He’s here to fill up your soul. He can hear your heart breaking. He can hear you tearing apart. He is the faint light in the darkness. He is always here for you.


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