Lorenz + Felecia


Hello everyone! A while ago, I wrote a post telling about a certain 2 people who became betrothed. Well, 4 weeks ago, 2 days before Sukkot, I was at their wedding. And let me tell you, it was perfectly beautiful. I got goose bumps! It was no ordinary wedding, and that was what made it so beautiful. It focused on the picture of us meeting our Groom, the Messiah as well as Lorenz and Felecia’s reuniting.

Anyways, I wont waste words on it because I have a video that will do it more justice than me trying to describe every detail. Hope you enjoy the following!!! I also have a video of me singing the song I wrote for them, during the ceremony. (:


Here’s the flash mob dance we did during the reception:


9 thoughts on “Lorenz + Felecia

  1. This was such a blessing to my soul!! I pray Abba’s blessings upon them ALL the days of their lives! Thank you for sharing, love.

  2. Beautiful wedding. It made me cry and I wasn’t even there! Beautiful song you wrote for them. You have a beautiful soul.

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