something beautiful

Something Beautiful


I’m a wreck

I’m a sinking ship

I’ve been down so that I can’t get up

How many times have I fallen?

How many times have I been broken?


I’ve got scars

I’m falling apart

And it’s all my fault

How long will it be until I learn?

How many times will You…


Pick me up and put me back together

Will You just hold me forever?

Will You hold me, hold me tight?

How many times will You breathe your life into me?

Though I’m torn and I’m far from where I need to be

You find me where I am

I fall into Your hands

And You take and mold me

Into something beautiful

You take and mend me

Into Something Beautiful


I break apart

I’ve got a broken heart

But You whisper Your love back into me

How did I go on without seeing?

Where I am, there You are…


And when there’s nowhere that I can run to

I run to You

When I am standing in a hurricane

I know the wind and rain wont knock me down

‘Cause You are holding my hand…




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