Dear You Who feels Afraid     

     To the one who feels Rejected. To you, you who feels unloved, stripped of all happiness, and replaced with guilt. To the lonely soul who feels as if no one cares, who feels like the world and everyone in it has forgotten you. To every bent and broken one. To the outcast, to the shaken. To the downhearted and depressed.



You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Forgotten

Who are you? Who knows you? Who Has Formed You? You, oh you, dear child.

You are Chosen

You are Watched Over

You are Cared For

You are Loved

Yes, people may hurt you, put you down, kick you away into the dirt. But that doesn’t mean there is no one to wants you. That doesn’t mean you are alone.

No, you are wanted by One who will Never Let You Down. You are Called by One who will Always Hear You. You are Held by One who has Never Let You Go, who has Caught You, Picked You Up, and who has Always Loved You…


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