why do we suffer?

Why do the righteous suffer

Many question the reason for why the righteous suffer if there is a Creator who loves them. And in the book of Job it is the exact subject that is told in the story. I believe that Yahweh sends suffering on his people to test their faith, and strengthen it, and do his good work in them.

To start, Satan goes to Yahweh and asks to take away what Job has in order to see if he would curse Elohim. And so, with Yahweh’s permission, he went and took everything away from Job, under the condition that Satan should not take Job’s life. This resulted in Job questioning Yahweh, but not cursing. Even his wife told him to ‘curse Yahweh and die’. Many in Job’s case would do just that, but because Job’s faith was grounded, he did not see how he could ever curse his Creator.

Second, Yahweh knows the hearts of His children, He knows how faithful they are, and He knows what they can take. It even says in His word that He will not give us more than we can handle. Suffering may be painful on our part, but it is something that I would say is a blessing in disguise in some ways. Nevertheless, we should check ourselves before we question or, Yah forbid, curse Elohim.

Lastly, Yahweh can in times use things to punish people. But whether or not He is punishing, or simply testing a person, it is used for their own good and perhaps for the good of the people around them. Yahweh has a compassionate heart, and He knows what He is doing.

So, why does Yahweh send suffering on the righteous? As anyone can see, it is a hard thing to understand. But we must endure some suffering some time in our life to understand Yahweh’s ways better, and to help our Faith. If we are real followers of the Heavenly Father, we will not question why we are suffering, because we know that Yahweh has everything in His hands. Suffering should not hinder the faith of anyone.


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