lets leave it all behind

Leave it all behind


How many of you are about worn out? *raises hand* I think we all feel that way at the end of the week. All the stress, all the things we forgot to do or need to do, all the things that just make us want to hide away, I think it’s about time it’s a day of rest!

There is a sure reason for the Sabbath. To forget everything outside and leave it all behind.

If you maybe forgot that one thing you meant to do this week, you know, just forget it for just this one day. Let yourself relax and just not think about those things for once!

Come and rest, feel His warmth around you, hear His voice. Let Him renew your soul, let Him be what and who you think about. Maybe the world is going crazy, but that’s not the time to think about it. Maybe you’re having one of the worst weeks of your life, but you don’t need to think about it. Just let Him carry you and speak to you. Let Him enter in. Rest. Rest. Rest.

Leave it all behind.


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