Picture Perfect

Fairy Pink Flowers


We think we know better than You. We always want to take control, and try to redo what we didn’t write. Sometimes it’s hard to trust and to give in to the unknown, but maybe it’s worth the try.


Because what You wrote is picture perfect, and surrendering all is more than worth it. You know my history, and there’s still more I want to see. If You formed me, made me, held me and know me, why should I change what You’ve called me to be?


If my heart’s beating, and I’m breathing. Why should I not give You my life? After all, You are the One who makes all things alive. So maybe I’ll hold on to what You are planning. And I’ll trust You with everything.


And if I fall, just remember that I’m human. But I’m not letting go of You. So please forgive this heart of mine. And remind me that I’m Yours.


And what You are writing, is a picture perfect story. The story of my life.





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