Sukkot 2013 Final Part!

We have come to the conclusion to this journey in the Philippines :( But hold on—we’re not done YET…


Slow Water Falling

Let us go down to the river, shall we?


This river is where many go to wash their clothes, get water, etc. There is a pipe that runs out here from a spring, and that is where people get their water.

Forest River

Doesn’t it just look peaceful?


The water to that spring was running rather slowly on this day, and so when my mom went to wash our clothes, she ended up doing it in the river.


I was bored, and in need of some adventure, so my uncle and I headed down these rocks on the river. That was an interesting experience LoL! (I’ve learned that I’m a terrible rock walker. At least I didn’t fall!)


The rain barrel/water tank was finally up and running after it rained a bit! That was a really awesome moment! :)


Me and my other uncle :D


After that afternoon, we headed out to this place by a place where people swim and near the place where ferry boats take off. (yes take off…no other way to put it hehehe :P ) This place had been a fort during the Spanish war.


This is…I’m not sure what this is :P


IMGP0437Ocean Mountain 

The view was just lovely from up there…


No idea what this tricycle driver was up to. But he actually tried to get up the ramp that we had to walk up. *face palm* He did NOT succeed with this… (ha!)


This was a park down below.


This is me on top of the world…no really. ;P It sure felt that way up there! My mom thought I was crazy, but you know, I’m a photographer. It was amazing.


The City Below

And then…my camera battery died. And I became very sad. But wait! My mom has her camera, so it’s not as bad as it could be heheh. (I still am sad that my camera battery died…I would have taken tons of pictures up there!)

Ferry ViewIMGP0457

After, we went and ate some dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. And then we were greeted by my cousin Cathy and her family and her siblings and mom. Then later, my mom’s friend came (the picture above)


Little Conell was asleep again hehe


^Because when you leave me with a camera when I’m tired and a bit bored, I must take silly pictures of people


And our last day came :( I tell you, I was NOT too happy with that heh. But we made it good, and we feasted on lots of food. (I really feasted on the tropical fruits that I can’t get or can rarely get here.)


Guava. Behind are lansones (I LOVE THOSE THINGS. Except they have this gluey type stuff on the inside of the skin and that can be very annoying afterwards when your hands are really sticky.)


Rambutan. (MY FAVORITE)


Mangosteen (this one is very good)


The fish being cooked.



Another one of my mom’s relatives. Her little girl was so cute :D


In the evening, we along with my cousins and uncle and went to a basketball court where my dad played basketball with them. That was fun to watch! (didn’t really get good pictures though heh)


In front of our hotel on the day of our departure. *sniff*



^our plane…pictures above courtesy of a friend of my mom that we bumped into at the airport. 


This is me, my mom, and my other cousin Carmela, the older sister of Cathy. She came to our hotel in Manila.


This was our plane that dropped us off in Japan. Very big plane.


This is on the plane to Dallas. (I’m not wholly sure if that is a picture of some city near Dallas or that’s Atlanta…I forget heh) (I practically slept the whole trip from Atlanta to Dallas.)


We got there early, so we had to wait in the plane for a little bit. And then we pretty much got home and were ready to plop down on our beds and sleep and sleep and sleep etc.


There! That my friend was my trip to the Philippines! I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did! :D


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