Sukkot 2013 Part 4

And welcome back! Sorry it took me a while, I’m not entirely sure what happened. *will not make any excuses hehehehe *


So my dad had this plan of getting in one of these taxi-cabs (or taxicles hehe) and then asking the driver to let him drive a little ways so that I could take a picture. These things are pretty cool contraptions I must say.


This here is a tennis court in a place where my mom use to live. Her old house is not there anymore, but it was cool to see the place where she use to live!


Okie dokie. There’s this weird thing about actually meeting your dinner. I mean, you just don’t get to do this here in the states. But I must tell you, it is just a weird thing to do.

Turkey Turkey

Like seriously… (I don’t think this turkey thought it was cool either.)


This is a friend of my mom’s. We went to her husband’s restaurant and ate a little. (just like some fruit and fruit salad. We had eaten A LOT beforehand heh…)


We went to the congregation again! =)



I made some friends there. For some reason little kids think I’m interesting or something. I don’t know how that goes, but apparently they liked me hehe and I liked them too :D


They especially liked it when I sang. So that was fun! (my little fans hehe )


This was what happens when you’re waiting for a motorcycle to take you back to your hotel. You end up playing ball with little kids. Across the road…





The trees in the front are palm trees and the trees in the background are bamboo trees. I actually miss seeing these trees as well as the coconut trees :(



Okay, now get ready for it…ready…set…


“Everybody’s got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow, oh where’d we get them I don’t know, but everybody’s got a water buffalooooo”


Sorrry, couldn’t help that one! This is the Carabao, or water buffalo.

Mean Carabao

…mean…water buffalo…….heh


More relatives…(lots and lots of relatives up that mountain…I’m NOT kidding….) The lovely lady beside me is my grandma’s sister :)

Puppies Are Cuddly

Little puppies hehehe the brown and white one looks like Police =o


Guava. These are not pleasant unripe. I no like. Unfortunately I never tried the ripe one… I can’t really say if I like it or not…


Not the cutest pig around, but okay…


Last Great Day Turkey. Roasting turkey… and I really have nothing else to say about that….(I still think it really weird to have met my dinner….)


Something I managed to draw (because a cousin of mine asked me to draw something heh…I’m sooo glad it turned out right….)


Reading Torah under the jack fruit tree.

Little Girl

So I kinda got a little carried away with my very photogenic cousin and just took picture after picture. (Don’t worry, I’m not post EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that I took. But I was tempted hehehe )

Friends Childhood Friends

Best FriendsErica Plus Me-Ming

Girl and Animals

Well, there is Part 4 for ya ;) Hopefully I’ll get Part 5 up quickly this time :D


5 thoughts on “Sukkot 2013 Part 4

  1. <3 I love these pictures so much Jenna!!! What a wonderful adventure and you have such a beautiful family and friends! I hope you get to frame these! Poor little turkey lol he cooked up well though!

  2. Meeting dinner… that’s good. I recently talked with friends that called their little chickens “Sweet and Sour” and “Teriyaki.” :D I love the throwback to VeggieTales – Water Buffalo song. And lastly, your little cousin is ADORABLE!

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