Sukkot 2013 Part 3


Well, it’s a new day and I’ve got more pictures for ya! ^ That is how many of the people wash their clothes. Hand wash. It sure takes a lot longer than the washing machine…


This is in front of our hotel. Traffic Jam. I tell you, you don’t wanna be in the middle of that. Pure chaos.



This was the cause of the traffic jam. A parade. But it was pretty cool to see it! The parade is for one of the schools in town. (It was cool for me because I hardly ever see parades (like never))


On Tuesday we had headed over to the resort we were to stay at. Pretty nice (as far as the grounds go…)



Me and my funny uncle :D

hermit crabs

Hermit Crabs at low tide. There were lots and lots of them down below on the sand.


My dad showing my uncle some pics on the computer.

Some View

AND…I got to photograph a wedding…….(ha….)


….not really…just kidding….got ya there hehe (I WISH…)


Doves. Aren’t they pretty?

White DoveThe Bride's Walk

The walkway for the bride.

Wedding Way

It was kinda windy for a wedding. But it was still pretty nice. The setting is really cool for a wedding.

Wedding Glasses

Wedding Glasses2flags

^ These are cottages on the left. Ours was at the very end. Right on the water.


A crab my uncle caught.


His claw was kind of broken ha…


Eh, this guy was having a little trouble getting himself and his claw into the hole. It was pretty funny…

ColourInto the Tropics

The pool. Yes, I swam in it.


My uncle being silly hehe (yes that is a chicken on his head haha)



Little Chicken

My little chicken. This one should just be kept as a pet…(I wish….)


My mom washing out the water tank we had bought for her family. More pictures of it up and running are coming soon :)

Flags at Sunset

The end! (for now) Have a lovely day/evening, and stay tuned for more!!!


8 thoughts on “Sukkot 2013 Part 3

  1. I love all of the family pictures!! The wedding set up was beautiful! I love your dove pictures! I must say when you have to wash your clothes by hand you really appreciate how easy machines make it, but its great to know how to do that by hand. Aww they don’t allow chickens through customs?

    1. Haha thank you! :D Yeah, you do appreciate the washing machine more hehe :D But according to my mom, it’s not as fun without someone else with you. ;)

      Nope, I don’t think my little chicken would get through customs haha! I WISH…my uncle said I could have that one LOL :D

  2. Jenna,

    How great – you got to see the homeland of your Mom and ancestors. My 24 hrs, that is a grueling trip. So nice to see you and your folks in the pics. thank you for sharing your adventure.

    Love and hugs, Aunt Mary

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