Sukkot 2013 Part 2


We are back with Part 2! (I don’t have as many pictures in this post as I should have, which means more parts :| But anyway…….)

In the picture above, I am sitting in what is called a motorcab. It’s a motorcycle with a cab attached to it, hence the name. It is the motor of my mom’s cousin who I guess would be considered my cousin as well.

Building the Sukkah

^Our Sukkah is being built (now we came a week before Sukkot. We built the Sukkah on Thursday, so we had it all set up for the first day which was on Sunday. The branches/leaves we used are from a coconut tree and palm leaves.


As you can see, I am playing the guitar. On my right and left are my 2 uncles :D


This is me, Erica (who you’ve already seen before) and my cousin Rizel.

Mountain over the ocean

This picture here is a view from a resort we stayed at for part of the feast. We had gone to check it out before staying there. (Lets just say the view was really the only great thing about it :P )


Here is some more of my relatives. From left to right that is my aunt holding my cousin Cathy’s baby, Conell, who is really always sleeping (hehe) Next to her is my cousin Cherry, (me) and my cousin Cathy and her husband. :D


Shabbat, we traveled to a congregation that my mom knew about before we came to the Philippines. They are Hebrew Roots believers and believe in the names. So, that was really awesome! And the people there were really happy to see us as well as us being happy to see like minded believers. (It was rather hot though, as you can see I am fanning myself. But it was still nice.)


^ These little kids sang some songs in Hebrew.


We got pictures with the whole congregation.


Some lovely people from the congregation :D


After, we headed up to my grandpa’s house and gathered together. My mom and dad read the Torah and everyone listened. (My mom’s family don’t believe the way we do, so we were really trying to show them what we believe.)


Then we sang some worship songs. I played first, then handed the guitar to my other uncle (who is the oldest), who knows how to play the guitar pretty well.


The following day we feasted! And that marked the first day of Sukkot.

In the above picture, those are some of my cousin’s classmates whom she invited to meet me. (ha! Apparently foreigners are very popular when they come around these parts. Especially when you have family there…. :D )


My uncle cooking hehe…


Me and my cousin’s friends :) I had a pretty good chat with them, which was cool.


And this is baby Conell and I. He was sort of awake here, but it looks like he’s sleeping. Ain’t he cute? :D


Family pictures!!! :)


This is a picture of my mom’s friends, my grandpa, uncle and I. :D

Well, that is all I have for today, stay tuned for Part 3! Hopefully I’ll fit in a lot more pictures to speed up this process :D


6 thoughts on “Sukkot 2013 Part 2

  1. Those were fantastic pictures Jenna. That is so neat that you were able to go to an Assembly while you were there. I can’t wait to see more pictures! ^_^
    You have a beautiful family.

  2. I love it!! Thank you for sharing your pictures/stories of your trip! Its so wonderful to see they are across the world and how YHWH’s truth is spreading from one end to the other!! Truly gathering from the 4 corners, and becoming as one. You are blessed with a beautiful growing family, Conell is super adorable!!

    1. :D It is! :D And yes, Conell is very cute…and always sleepy hehehe…I guess that’s what happens when you are a month old LoL!

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