Sukkot 2013 Part 1

This year was really an adventure. I mean, who would have thought I would be spending it  thousands of miles away in a whole different country than what I’m use to?!  I sure didn’t.



On top of all that, I’ve never been on a plane, at least that I can remember. (I actually went on a plane once when I was little, but that was a short trip, and I don’t remember it at all.)


From the clouds

The view from the sky was rather mesmerizing to me. Remember, I’ve never really been on a plane.

city below

I can’t remember what city this is, sorrrrry! I think it’s Detroit, but I could be wrong. We landed there before getting on a bigger plane to Japan.

Wing and Mountains

These may or may not be the rocky mountains, I don’t know. But we DID fly over them, so I might not be entirely wrong.

Mount Fuji

^ Annnnnd, this here is Mount Fuji. Pretty, cool, huh?


I’m telling you now, if you ever want to go this far from the comfort of your home, you better expect to feel like you’ve been in a plane for months! It is NOT a good feeling. I stayed up the whole time, which is pretty amazing. (And horrible. Not sleeping for 24 hours straight is not at all a nice thing. And it was probably more than 24 hours, which makes it worse….)


The picture above is us landing at the Ozamiz airport after staying all night in the Manila airport, because our flight to Ozamiz was early in the morning. That was quite an experience…….. :|

Ozamiz View

This view above is from our hotel room. If you look straight ahead you can sort of see the ocean.


When we got to this hotel, we practically went to bed at 12pm and slept till around 8pm, then woke up and ate some snacks, then went BACK to bed for another few hours. That felt AWESOME. (I am still getting over jetlag right now…but slowly I’m readjusting…)


This is my grandpa, my mom and I. And yes, I’m holding a chicken. That little chicken had become one of my best friends there ya know hehe….


This is the street that the hotel looks out on. As you can see, the city is just waking up (at like 5 in the morning…..)

Cat and Dog

Meet Me-Ming the cat and Police the dog. These two amazingly play together a lot, and that is pretty cool.

Erica and Me-Ming

This is my younger cousin, Erica. We had some fun times together :D



This is my grandpa’s papaya tree that is growing.


These are coconut trees, my friend. You have no idea how I love these trees. They really add to the beauty of the landscape! AND I love the fruit they produce. You may not like coconut—and I do NOT like coconut at all—but this may or may not change your view on that. Because it sure did on mine. (I still don’t like coconut, but the fresh coconut right from the tree is heavenly!)


chicken resting

You probably have never really understood the question of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” because here in the US, you just don’t see a chicken crossing the road everyday. The story is way different in the Philippines. There are chickens EVERYWHERE. On the side of the road, in the road, crossing the road, you name it! And then you just have to ask yourself, what on earth is going on here?? And it’s not just chickens, it’s dogs, goats, cows, etc. Just right smack dab right in front of you. It’s crazy!



These peppers are spicy. You don’t want to know how spicy they are. I have made the mistake several times of putting this on my food, and I regretted it with despair. I’m not joking lol.

young coconut


My mom cutting open the young coconut. And after this, she poured the water inside right into a glass. That was glorious!


A close up of our friend Police. He’s just so cute isn’t he??!


This is Body/Buddy. He is the calmest of the 3 dogs my mom’s family has.



And next to Body/Buddy is Guard. See what they did there? ;) He is not the friendliest dog in the world, but he’s all right hehe….


Green Baby

This cute baby here is one of my mom’s relatives. Look at those chubby cheeks hehe :D



To end this post, which will lead into Sukkot, I will leave you with a lime from my grandpa’s tree.


And there is part 1 of my adventure in the tropical country of the Philippines! I can’t wait to share with you the rest of my pictures!


13 thoughts on “Sukkot 2013 Part 1

  1. Thank you for sharing! It was great to see your pictures and hear about the first part of your trip! We miss you all so much! We loook forward to the rest!

  2. Looks like you had quite an adventure! Really like your photography skills. Just how long was the flight there? I’m glad you guys are back safe and sound.

    1. Yeah, it was quite the adventure! Thank you :) The flight there was like 23 hours (approximately). That is just the flying alone, not including the layovers, which were kind of long. Verrrrrrrry long flights. lol

  3. That must have been exciting! It’s one thing going to another state and realizing the cultural difference but a whole ‘nother country is something else. I bet it was nice being able to be with your relatives though ^_^
    It looks like you had lots of adventures =D

  4. I LUV the pictures Jenna! :) You look like you had a cool Sukkot, “very” different from what most of us are used to…can’t wait for more pics!! ;]

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