You’ve no where to go

No where to turn

No where to run

Yet you keep on walking away


You have no plans

You have no path

You’re broken

Yet you keep on turning

You turn away from Me


Everywhere you go there’s a dead end

Everywhere you turn it’s dark

Where are you going to?

Where are you going to?

You fall down, I continue to pick you up

The hardness of your heart blocks Me out

But I’ll take you if you let Me

Stop running away from Me

Stop trying to do things your way

Stop hurting yourself

Just come to Me

Life is here, waiting

So, stop running…



Proverbs 18:10The Name of Yahweh is a strong tower; The righteous run into it and are safe.


2 thoughts on “Run

  1. I love this so much, it holds true in every aspect of our lives. We run from so much and take it in our own hands, when we need to run to Him. For He knows our beginning and end and has proved such a love for us, to the laying down of His son’s life for us in spite of us. Great post Jenna <3

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