So many times we take Time for granted.

So many days we spend doing absolutely nothing that will profit us later on in life.

So many things we just pass by because we just ‘don’t have time’ for it.

But really?


The time spent in front of a computer screen.

The life we just throw away.

What is it all for? For our own entertainment? For what?

Do we just sit and act as if nothing really matters except…except what?

Take a moment to ask yourself ‘what am I doing and why am I here? And what is the purpose for my existence? Is this all about me?’


The answers to those questions might help you a little on the time issue. The issue that we all tend to waste for most of our life.


There are people who are in pain, who have no friends, who have no father or mother, or only have one of the two. There are people who have no homes, who have NOTHING.

Imagine yourself with completely nothing except the clothes on your back, or maybe not even that. Imagine yourself trying to just get by and have no idea where you’re going to get your next meal. And the only thing you have is yourself and your family. You know how precious that is?

Now that has nothing really to do with time. But it’s part of it. How much time do you spend with your family? How much time do you put in to take the time to show your love to them? Or is that all wasted too?


Maybe you have a job and you don’t exactly have all the time in the world. But with the time you do have, do you use it for just yourself, or for those who need you?


There are times when, yes, we need time for ourselves. But we should spend more of our time on others than on ourselves. More time on helping those who need help and less on just worrying about yourself.


Be Something. Be Amazing. Don’t waste your time here.


I don’t want to let my life to go wasted. And I hope you don’t either.


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