Beauty Lays Here…

Beauty Lays Here



How do you live, when the pain you carry drags you down? When it’s so hard to bear that you can’t even breathe.

It’s like you’re trying to breathe under water


And not only does it feel like you’re swimming down into the depths of the ocean, but it also feels as if you’re digging through a whole of dust and ashes, trying to find something to ease this pain, but really there’s nothing there. Yeah, I know…


There’s no where to breathe. And the world is just spinning in an endless cycle while you have no idea what is going on.


Hold on.


Sometimes you wonder if there’s any way out of this dark, damp, hole of nothingness, that you had somehow been abruptly thrown into. ‘How did I get here?’ you ask yourself. ‘What is this? Did I deserve this?’

But the beauty is not in the suffering, friend. It’s in the Rescue. It’s in the Hands that pull you out of that ditch.

The beauty is around you, just look. Breathe.


Somehow in the depths of this dark place, you will find that light. I know you will, because it’s there.


Hope. Search. See.

Because beauty lays here. Right where you are.



Psalm 18:2—Yahweh is my rock and my stronghold and my deliverer; My El is my rock, I take refuge in Him; My shield and the horn of my deliverance, my high tower.




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