{Guest Post} Time Waster by Ian


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Shalom brothers and sisters. Today we are hitting on a point that is most felt by teenage boys, and even some adults. Time management is for all age groups, and especially for all of Yisrael. Today we are going over one particular way to waste it, however, and that is through computer games…

Many of you will find this a simple, easy, obvious, trivial point to address. One that is “easy” or very easily dismissed. Do not be deceived. Like any other thing, it is either an idol or a tool we use for Yahweh. We either use things or end up worshiping them. That is why on all things we must be on guard with allowing anything to mutate into an elohim (god) of sorts. Now, on the topic of computer games. I would first off like to point out that the vast majority of computer games, among other things, are in rebellion to the Truth of Scriptures. Creating a character that uses magic? –


Wayyiqra (Exodus) 19:31—’Do not turn to mediums, and do not seek after spiritists to be defiled by them. I am Yahweh your Elohim.

You might say well, “I am not doing magic or practicing witchcraft.” Good point. But you are supporting it by playing a game that makes sorcery the focus. Or any kind of “outer power” than Elohim; who is the only power. When Yahushua gave the sermon on the mount he addressed similar things. He said if you in your heart hate your brother it is no different than murdering him in real life. He meant that literally guys. Now that in many ways has a different application, but that is one of the key times he reminds us that we are not only to not do something, we are to not think of it, invest in it, or in any way support it. Sin, or sin’s reflection; it makes no difference. It is not to be found on the Quodesh (HOLY) children of the Most High. To play games that involve witchcraft and wizardry.

Now, this also includes games that have to do with calling upon other sources other powers that are not Scriptural. If they do not come from Yahweh, who do they come from?

Now, when it comes to superheroes or games where you play a god of some sorts; this is also not what we should accept. It matters that you do not believe in it. If you do not see this as something that Scripture supports then it should not be something you participate in and is quite sinful really. This should cover most games. Most games consist of such things. Violence as well should be shunned. Games that come up with powerful and elaborate ways to murder another person. Through a super power, a jutsu, magical weapon, a special gun, etc. All should be shunned. We are told to lay our lives for our brethren. Let us not then go and fill any part of our minds, eyes, or ears with such themes that teach us to systematically think of terrible ways to KILL, and to enjoy it; to praise those of us who do it best. That sounds like a game from hell…

Now, I am going to include all the other “innocent” games out there that I have not included with this final point; the point that covers all undoubtedly. Playing computer games is a waste of time. Flat out. And wasting time is a sinful practice. Procrastination, and slothfulness are sinful habits that are to be aggressively overcome by Believers. The internet is a dangerous place to begin with. Do not let Satan lure you on through a game so he can introduce a plethora of other inappropriate things. This should not be. We as believers ALWAYS should have something to do. Prayer is how we open up the Omnipotence of our Elohim. Is that not a better way to spend your time than on a game? And if my brother is hurting, is it not almost sinful to be wasting time when I could be praying for him? I believe brothers and sisters that something major we are judged on is not only what we did… But what we did compared to what we COULD HAVE DONE. That judgment is based on TIME. How well did you spend your TIME. The difference between many who succeed in the area of being fruitful, and those who do not, is predicated on WHO SPENT THEIR TIME BETTER. Playing an aimless game when you could be getting Eternal Reward, opening up the flood gates of Shamayim (Heaven) to pour out a blessing on someone or something, etc. is a dangerous choice and a harsh one at that. By you being in the Body of Mashiach, every ounce and second of your life is precious and has the opportunity to be infinitely fruitful! You have the opportunity to access the Almighty! Praise Yah!

Now with such Divine power, opportunity, and understanding, shall we not make the most of it? Are we not drastically rewarded by the Sovereign of the universe for EVERYTHING WE DO??? Every thought is important and can be fruitful. Every word is important and can be fruitful. Every deed is important and can be fruitful. Do not forget brothers and sisters that we indeed run a race for a prize to be envied and desired. It is a accumulative prize too. Which means amount. Which means TIME.


1Corinthians 9:24—Do you not know that those who run in a race indeed all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way as to obtain it.


Run so that ye may obtain brothers and sisters. Use your time as Yahweh would have it. There can be no better use of your time than prayer. You are bored? Then you are not engaged on the Eternal Perspective. You have constant access to the Sovereign Creator of the universe. And the knowledge of the work that is to be done… To lax and simply waste time like it is an inexhaustible resource is to waste Yahweh’s time and resources. You are His stewards. It is HIS time. It is HIS body. HIS possessions. HIS money. You were bought at a price, and given the Greatest mission in all of history. You have insurmountable resources to do it as well. To waste that is a travesty my kin. And it is a grievance to the Spirit. Who, honestly, would like to look at Yahushua and tell Him the reason you did not spend your time better is because your character had to get to level 12. Or get a special enchantment, sword, power, etc. Really? Get real.

Tell you what. We can make a deal. We may all have all the freedom in the world to play games when there are not hungry, unclothed, unloved children and other such people. When 50% of people in High School are NOT smoking; you may play your time-wasters. When there are no longer billions of people being lined up to be cast into an Eternal Hell and Eternal separation form the only Being that makes existence EXIST; you may play. But until that happens; be fruitful. Be as fruitful as you possibly can be. And when you think you have enough time to sit and waste some time; remember this is a race. And remember that you will be an inheritor of ENDLESS TIME… You will have trillions of years to enjoy pleasures your body has not yet experienced or is able to handle. You will drink from the milky way galaxy brothers and sisters. Play cards with the stars. Play hide-and-go-seek among the planets. Do not be so easily fooled. The pleasures of Elohim put all to shame ten times over. And those pleasures are just the ones I can name. Scripture says there are billions more infinitely more incredible! We cannot even imagine them… So do not so easily be satisfied by the pleasures of a world you do not even belong to. You are a Pilgrim here. Not meant to get cozy, comfortable, and sit on your computer all day amusing yourself. That is for those whose homes are on this earth. You are not home yet; do not get cozy at the motel along the way there.


2Timothy 4:8—For the rest, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Master, the righteous Judge, shall give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all those loving His appearing.

I am a Torah observant believer who is moved by Yahweh to strengthen and unite the Body of Messiah. I love Yahweh and everything that is Him. I enjoy communing with believers, sharing the Truth with any and all, as well as learning all that I can and am given from others. I love to study all aspects of Torah and the deeper meaning of the Word. I also enjoy helping and doing projects that spread the Word such as this. I am a Tennis player from Houston Texas, and have found all things to be but material for Obedience to my one true Elohim and purpose- Yahweh.


3 thoughts on “{Guest Post} Time Waster by Ian

  1. The following question has nothing to do with which games are ‘ok’ or what we should or shouldn’t put into our minds, but I want to ask: In suggesting that all ‘innocent’ computers games are bad because they waste time, would you say the same about anything that could be considered a game, such as playing with real cards, joking with friends, or playing sports?

    1. Shalom Jared. I just want to start off with saying I am not saying we should BAN all types of innocent fun. Though the way the World has effected things there are less and less of such a thing. However I am bringing to mind the Eternal perspective we must not lose. Joking with friends? Wonderful! Not a waste of time innate of itself; of course providing at the proper time. Playing sports? Jared, brother I play a sport and want to possibly for a living. However I must take this in context. It is not that playing games is bad; however again, we must remember the mission at hand. I am sure Yahushua had jesting moments with his brethren; however the mission was still in mind and in its rightful place. My point of my blog was not just an attack to fun, but a reminder to us not to get so settled here. Fun is great, so are games. But brother we are heirs of Endless Time. And right now we have a very short period of time, a period we do not know how long it will be, to be fruitful and to do things that will have Eternal consequences; good or bad. So for us, making the most of this life has a different meaning than most of the World. As I said up above, we are on our way home. There are attractions on our journey to refresh us; but let us not get stuck at the motel when the glorious mansion awaits further down the road…
      So I guess the point is to take all things into context when determining how to spend our time. Our loving time with one another is never a waste; but let us not be as the heathen that focus their lives on the next thrill this or there. We are not even at home here; and the fun here pales in comparison. A warning to spending time on what ultimately culminates to vanity…
      Be fruitful. Be fruitful at all costs. I would say about anything that can be considered a game that is should be taken with the correct mindset. After all, our lives are not one big game as many of our generation seems to think… We know we are at war. Rest is necessary; but let us not forget.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I just was looking for an explanation of what you meant and for clarification, which you’ve now given. :) I was just concerned that you might not have made your point clear. You point, as I take it, being that games are bad when they waste time, not just in general that games are bad. (Perhaps some are–I’m not arguing that point with this.) However, I do want to say that I pretty much fully agree with the essence of this article and your response here that we need to focus on where we are going, what really matters–that is, our life in Yahweh and the magnifying of his Name and Kingdom, all thanks to the sacrifice and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah.

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