{Self-Control} The Anti-Self Solution by Ian

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Upon us meeting and being embraced with Yahushua and his lovely adornment, Grace, we are initiated into the beginning of our road on the path of Righteousness. We are told and it is explained to us that we are not only Sinful, but quite naturally so. Even more than that, we live in a world where Sin is as common as Oxygen and as difficult to defy as gravity. It has molded itself so strongly to our world, Yahweh counts them as almost the same. The World in Scripture refers often to the Spirit of Sin. The Flesh in Scripture refers to it as well. First, we must control what we have the most access to –  the Flesh.

That being said, after learning more in depth about the difference between Righteousness and Wickedness, we are then given the live-altering, and incredibly difficult task of overcoming our greatest enemy –  ourselves. The fact that Satan tempts us does not necessarily outright make him our greatest foe. After all, if it were not for so many of the sinful desires in our heart, Satan’s temptations would hardly hold any weight. It is because we naturally are given into sin without control is why Satan has so much leverage. Once Born Again and effectively dead to sin, the principle virtue we use to conquer this Flesh is the virtue of Self-Control. It is many, many things, but if we were to sum it up, I would label it the ultimate Anti-Self Solution. We must CONTROL, ourselves. Self-Control is the cure for our carnal covetous nature which is fertile ground for iniquity. To tranquilize and kill the Flesh and covetous nature daily, we are told to have this Self-Control. We are what we do. Human beings have the incredible power given on high called Habit. It will do anything we ask it too and take us anywhere we would like to go. Habit is fueled by action; what we do. And what we do effects our hearts as we see in scripture. It is not enough to simply agree with Righteous deeds, we must do them; they change our hearts and become habits. Once Righteousness is a habit, we become Righteous people. Can we see how this is important? Self-Control is Yahweh’s front line offense against our Fleshly nature and His most basic way of turning our hearts. He starts by turning our deeds, actions, and thoughts –  which directly correlate our Heart. He is after the Heart from the beginning. In fact, that is what it is all about. Once the Heart is changed, the whole being is. It is like putting in a better light bulb so that greater light comes forth. We are what we do. First we make our habits, then our habits make us. Yahweh is therefore, in His Wisdom, changing us by first changing our actions. Self-Control is the tool he uses. It is all to produce the Pure Heart. You see, Yahweh does not simply want a people who do righteous things, but Righteous people. People who through and through are Righteous…


Tellehim (Psalm) 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O Elohim; and renew a right spirit within me.


While we are on this earth, my brethren, we must fight this weak flesh. This dying carcass that we wear daily. We must fight so many temptations daily… So many my brethren. But you see it is in this battle, in this warfare, our souls are purged. It is through the fire and ice of Spiritual Warfare we are molded. Self-Control is Obedience to Yahweh, and disobedience to Sin. We obey one Master.



I am a Torah observant believer who is moved by Yahweh to strengthen and unite the Body of Messiah. I love Yahweh and everything that is Him. I enjoy communing with believers, sharing the Truth with any and all, as well as learning all that I can and am given from others. I love to study all aspects of Torah and the deeper meaning of the Word. I also enjoy helping and doing projects that spread the Word such as this. I am a Tennis player from Houston Texas, and have found all things to be but material for Obedience to my one true Elohim and purpose- Yahweh.

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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