{Gentleness} What does it mean? by Faith


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Gentleness, what does that really mean? How can a believer apply this attribute to their walk today with YHWH and those around them? The definition for gentleness means to have a mild and kind nature or inner calm and kindness. When disappointments or negativity happens in your life, how do you respond? Do you speak with your mouth rash things, or even think them? As we grow in Torah we start to take on the mind set of Yahshua doing what is pleasing in the eyes of YHWH and showing the same gentleness to ourselves and others that He has shown unto us on a daily basis. The more we overcome the things of the flesh and start to submit unto YHWH, the more He gives the same attributes that He has! We start to take on a gentler, teachable spirit allowing YHWH to truly reign in our lives, trusting Him completely not doubting but at peace knowing that His will is for our good. As we grow in all of the attributes of Abba YHWH it no longer just affects you, but all those around you. It radiates through what you think, say, and react to life around you, your desire becomes to show the same meekness and kind nature to everyone just as YHWH does with us. You can make the biggest change in a person’s life, which can start off as an act of gentleness and kindness to them, showing them true love, just as YHWH does with us. It’s so important not to tear anyone down when mistakes happen or respond in a negative way back, because let’s face it who wants to get yelled at or put down? Just as the Scriptures point out there is power in the tongue to do good or evil, we must pray that YHWH help us to remove what triggers the negative and give us a gentle spirit, filled with compassion, love and understanding. For we all are but dust, and none of us are perfect but we can be a help and a light to each other, by building up the body of Yahshua and taking that light to those who are in darkness.

Shalom and Ahab (Love) to everyone!


I’m a Torah Observant believer, who’s surrounds all aspects of my life around YHWH, plus I love to cook Clean Kosher foods and enjoy all of the beautiful things in life!

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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