A Match Made in Heaven….

     A year or two ago, I got this email from someone who contacted me through this blog. His name is Lorenz and he is from Germany.

     Well, after emailing him for a month or so, and I told him about a chatroom that I go to a lot on Eliyah.com. Surprisingly enough, he went on and met a few of my friends there. One of which is my friend Felecia, who is from Missouri.

     Now both of these people were young and single, waiting patiently for their future spouse. Both of them had been through lots of things in life. Neither expecting what would come next…

     Through many weeks and months of chatting and emailing, something began happening between these two people. And soon it became obvious what that thing was.

     And the rest…well…is history!

This past Friday, they became betrothed.


One day I will have them tell their story. But for now, I just wanted to share this and congratulate this couple =D And since it sort of involves my blog, I thought it would be nice to share it.


Congratulations Lorenz and Felecia! May Yah bless you on your new journey….




5 thoughts on “A Match Made in Heaven….

  1. best of wishes to you both, i think i speak for everyone to say that we were ecstatic to find out about your betrothal, i know you both will have a joyous life together and will prosper fully
    all the feels-reece

  2. That’s Awesome! We met the Bucks a while back at a Sukkot and just saw the younger sisters again recently in KS. Congrats to you both!!
    Love, Micaela

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