{Kindness} Through His Kindness by Jared…

Pink and Green

Sometimes in life, Father Yahweh allows me to enter trials and tribulations that are severe, like a storm that never seems to cease or a pain that doesn’t want to leave my heart. It’s perhaps the kind of discipline that scares us because we don’t know when it will end. We worry endlessly because in the midst of the storm, we don’t know if Yahweh still loves us. We aren’t so sure if He’s the good Father He’s supposed to be.

But He is.

And in the midst of the storm when my faith wanes, I can choose to remember the other times he has disciplined me. Those other times when it hasn’t been so much a never ending storm, but more like a quiet walk out into a beautiful green meadow. There may have been a brief drizzle before, but now there is just sunshine and everything seems fresh and new.

So I go and sit in the middle of this meadow and wait for the wisdom of my Father to enter my mind and heart. I wait to be convinced of my wrong and for him to correct me. And he does correct me. He does it kindly. He does it with the sheerest honesty and truth. It is not too easy—after all, its discipline—but it’s very kind and gentle. So later, when the great storms become my greatest fights, I can remember these moments of kindness and gentleness that He’s shown me over and over again. I can find peace in the midst of my most terrible fears.

And all the while, he’s really teaching me an even greater lesson. Through His kindness, I am able to learn kindness. Through His treatment of me, I am able to learn how to treat others. When I see my dear friend in the midst of trouble, I am able to understand and to know how to treat them. When I am wronged by someone, I can find it in my heart to forgive them.

By my Father’s kindness to me, I can have kindness in my heart and mind. What a very, very good Father we have.

“I will bear the indignation of Yahweh because I have sinned against Him, Until He pleads my case and executes justice for me. He will bring me out to the light, and I will see His righteousness.” -Micah 7:9



Jared Leys lives in Zeeland, MI where he runs a small publishing company called Second Man Publishing. He has a degree in Writing from Grand Valley State University. He also has a wide variety of interests, from ducks to the color green. However, his greatest interest in life is serving Yahweh in whatever way he can. This upcoming summer, he has plans to marry his beautiful and lovely fiancée, whom he loves dearly, and thereby begin a family whose sole intention is to serve Yahweh with all their hearts and minds.

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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