{Patience} Worth Waiting by Lorenz…


Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a young man, handsome and talented in every way. He diligently studied in school trying to master every art and tried to be the best in everything, eager to constantly acquire more knowledge.
As he grew up he got married to a beautiful, young woman and there was theoretically no reason for him to not be happy. However he wasn´t, he wanted to know more. One day he heard about a man in a distant land who was the wisest among the wise and flawless in knowledge. So he decided to go to this man and learn from him everything that he didn´t know yet.
Day and night he traveled neither granting himself nor his camel any rest till he finally arrived in a small village in which the master owned the local blacksmith´s shop. The master asked him: “What did you come here for?“ The young man responded: “I want to acquire knowledge and be perfect as you are master.“ The master thought about it for a while and then ordered the young man to blow the bellows. However he forbade him to speak and the student was ok with that, understandably being happy that he was accepted as a student by the master.
The days passed and became weeks and months and soon a year and more years followed without either one of them speaking to each other. The master worked on the iron and the student blew the bellows without one word. For years he repeatedly worked the same monotonous routine, wondering why the master didn´t speak to him. Because there were others that came to the master that he spoke with. They asked and he replied and gave advice. Others he accepted as students and assigned them to different monotonous tasks like his first student. None of them complained, none
of them asked.
Soon ten years had passed and the young man was increasingly unnerved. One day he broke his silence and asked: “Master?“ The master looked at him and said: “What do you want?“ The student said: ”Knowledge!“ but all the master said was: “Blow the bellows then!“ and hoping that one day he´d receive the knowledge he continued doing so.
More years passed and he couldn´t speak to anyone and the only distraction that he had were the books that his master or other students gave him, that he read after work. 20 years had passed when the master said to him: “You can now leave and go back to your home young man.“ The student who was no longer a young man was shocked and complained: “But what about the knowledge that you promised me master?“. The master replied: “The knowledge that you sought you have found. It is called patience. Now go back to your land because there is nothing I can teach you anymore.
So he went back wondering about the words of his master yet being happy to see his home and wife again after such a long time. When he approached his house he, from the distance, spotted his wife with a young, handsome man. They seemed to be very close and showed tender emotions for each other. The man thought angrily:
“My wife has been unfaithful to me and accepted another man.“ In his fury he drew the bow aiming at the young man´s heart. Yet a split second before shooting off the arrow he remembered the words of the master: “Patience.“. So he dropped the bow and entered the courtyard. When his wife saw him she overflowed with joy and ran towards her husband. She then called the young man saying: “My dear son, I want to introduce you to my beloved husband, your father.“. Immediately it dawned on the seeker of wisdom, who had just almost killed his own son for lack of patience and he cried out saying: ”For 20 years has my master taught me patience and I almost killed my son. How unpredictable is man´s weakness and how imperfect is everything he does.“


This awesome story that I found in a book basically sums up what is important concerning the topic of this post, which is patience or long-suffering. In our modern times it seems to have become a habit to be like the man in this story. (1) We question YHWH´s way for us and the point of his actions as much as the young student doubted the ways of his master and (2) we tend to judge prematurely based on what we see on the outside while YHWH judges the heart.
I think that we simply have to understand that every situation that we are in, we are in for a reason. To the Israelites YHWH said that he chastened them like a man chastened his son (Deuteronomy 8,5). As we know, they lacked patience way too often. If we looked at issues in our live as something that either we brought upon ourselves or as lessons from YHWH for our own benefit, thus being patient, we could actually use them to improve our own walk and receive the blessings manifold instead of blaming YHWH for not listening to our prayers.
I guess one of the verses in the scripture that convicted me of the importance of this would be Proverbs 10, 28: The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish.
With patience even having to wait for something can be pure joy in my opinion.
And since Galatians 5:22 speaks of long-suffering as a fruit of the spirit, shouldn´t we all seek it? I believe that there a way for us to become more patient. It is a struggle to get their and one might stumble but it is worth it. All we have to do is leave everything in YHWH´s hands and as messiah told us, not worry. That sounds easy, yet is quite complex. But we should start with the small worries that we have and once we get better we´ll get rid of any worries. The patience we´ll receive will stop us from seeking our own will but seeking his will because we´ll quit to just accept any possible option in our life just because we feel we have to get anywhere, but we´ll seek YHWH to reveal his plan. On the other hand we´ll also have to be ready to listen and even if it doesn´t initially please us, we have to understand that what he wants is best.

Thus in conclusion:
Be blessed in messiah´s name and ask him to teach you patience.


Lorenz was born in 1989 in Holzminden, Germany and raised as a Lutheran Christian. After he spent his first years as a teenager in a clearly wordly way, he made a life-changing trip to Israel where he reconsidered the path he had chosen so far. Afterwards he initially became interested in Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity and planned to become an orthodox monk. However on one day he opened the bible and actually read it without being influenced by the interpretation of any church. That was the beginning of his perpetual journey towards a Torah-observant, Messiah-following lifestyle.


4 thoughts on “{Patience} Worth Waiting by Lorenz…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing….. this week I find myself reading and hearing something I needed again! In this journey we can lose our focus and get down with our difficult circumstances, but Abba knows what he is doing and my hope is in Him

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