{Patience} Strength of Friendship…


{Photo Credit: GTMountainLakePhotography}

A slap on the back.

Followed with a well meaning word.
A grin to make light.
Of the joke that was meant in jest.

Friends for a lifetime now.
Moments of debates and arguments.
Never lasting for long.
Always ending in laughter.

A quirky personality.
Met with the seriousness of another.
So many wonder how.
Two became such good friends.

Cut from different cloth.
Each with their own differences.
Both in personality and behavior.
Knowing every annoying trait.

Those moments of “Ach!”.
When their differences clash.
Which leads to a sigh.
Finally agreeing to disagree.

They are so different.
Yet they met the other with patience.
Although they may not see.
The same views of the other.

Knowing when to retreat.
Friendship is more important.
Then to be easily offended.
By a differing of opinion.

Friendship grows with love.
With the help of long-suffering.
When one does not agree.
They grow stronger in each other.

—By Lauren Hall

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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