{Peace} Permanent Peace by Jared Leys


Peace, I find, is when Yahweh gives me a period of time when my doubts and fears fade away. I am left with only joy and confidence in my heart and in my mind.  Those are the most wonderful and pleasant moments and days.

Then something happen that’s not so peaceful, and then my peace fades away and I wonder, Is peace just temporary after all?

What is peace?  Where do I find real peace?  Where do I find permanent peace?  I want the peace from Yahweh that never fades away.

And then I think that maybe such peace isn’t to be found in this world and in this life.  As we know, this life along with our flesh is very temporary.  Maybe we can never find permanent peace here in this world.

And maybe we really can’t–but then I think of our Prince of Peace.  Always he calls us to peace and rest.  Always he calls us to permanent life.

Perhaps we indeed have to wait awhile for that life to be made full for us.  However, I know that if that’s the case, then I don’t want to wait to start living that life.  I want to live it in par now, anticipating the fullness.  I want my life full of permanent peace to start as soon as possible.  Maybe that is something that can happen.
That’s what I think of sometimes when I find peace.  I think about how I could keep it.  I think of how wonderful it is and how it comes from the promise of freedom given to us from Yahweh through His Son Yahshua.

I pray, Let it be be so.  Let my life be blessed.  Let my peace be permanent.  Let the everlasting begin now.



Jared Leys lives in Zeeland, MI where he runs a small publishing company called Second Man Publishing. He has a degree in Writing from Grand Valley State University. He also has a wide variety of interests, from ducks to the color green. However, his greatest interest in life is serving Yahweh in whatever way he can. This upcoming summer, he has plans to marry his beautiful and lovely fiancée, whom he loves dearly, and thereby begin a family whose sole intention is to serve Yahweh with all their hearts and minds.

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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