{Peace} In the Midst of a Storm…

In the midst of a storm

When it feels hopeless

In a crushed world

It’s like there’s no way out

When everything is Crashing Down

When the world around you is still

Yet your heart beats restlessly


Raging like a storm around you

Where is Peace?

Like a hurricane encircling you

Like the strongest tornado blowing everything away

Where is Peace?


When it’s Dark and you can’t see anything

When you’re below and you know nothing of what’s above you

There is stillness…quietness…


But where can you find it in a broken world?

Where can you find it in adversity?

Where can you find it in the middle of rubble?

Where is it?


Be still, oh soul, be still…

In a raging storm, be still…

Though your world is shattered

And all is lost

Be still…

Know you are not alone

Know that there is Peace

Where there is a storm


Where isPeace?

It is here

Beyond the clouds

Beyond the storm

Beyond the darkness


There is Peace…


Psalm 122:7Peace be within your walls, Rest in your citadels.


Luke 1:78-79 through the tender compassion of our Elohim, with which the daybreak from on high has looked upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Fruits of the Spirit Series


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