{Joy} The Joy of Music by Julianna Hallman


{Photo Credit: GTMountainLakePhotography} 


“Shout for joy in Yahweh, you righteous! Praise is fitting for the straight! Praise Yahweh with the lyre; Sing to him a new song; Play sweetly with a shout of joy .For the word of Yahweh is straight, and all his works are in truth. Psalms 33:1-4
If you know me you probably know I absolutely love music, if it’s learning a new song on my guitar, or just pressing keys on the piano, it gives me pure joy to praise Yahweh with music. This is why this verse is my favorite verse on joy. Now let’s look at my next favorite:
“Let all those who seek you rejoice and let those love your deliverance always say: “Let Elohim be made great”! Psalms 70:4
I believe that every believer in Yahweh should read the scriptures every morning, and you will discover after awhile that you will feel joy in reading it. Psalms is my favorite book of the Bible and it gives me joy to read it.
What joy means to me is Singing, rejoicing, and reading the Scriptures.
“Sing to Elohim, Sing praises to his name. Raise up a highway for him who rides through the deserts, by his name Yah, and exult before him.”  So let’s be joyful and carry on. Psalms 68:3



My name is Julianna Hallman.I am the second child of six,which is three girls and three boys.I was born and raised in western N.C. I spend my time making music which is what I mostly do,next to drawing and targeting with my BB gun.I also enjoy reading my scriptures,making movies and writing stories.I am thinking about writing a book. I am also a firm torah follower, and I believe in the redeeming power of Yahweh’s son Yahushua,who died for our sins.

   May Yahweh bless and keep you.



Fruits of the Spirit Series



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