{Joy} Weeping May Endure for the Night

joy comes in the morning


Weeping may endure
It will endure
I will endure


Something else, something more


I can feel it
I’m not alone
I’m unworthy
What have I done
I don’t deserve it

But, but I can feel it
I know it
Yah’s love endures
I will endure

Weeping may endure
Only for a moment
Only for tonight
But with dawn
The tearing of the sun through this wretched darkness

My brokenness
My shattered heart
They are healed
I am healed
I am one
We are one

Weeping endured only for a moment
But Yah’s love endureth forever

Joy cometh
Joy is here

Forever I am yours.

—By Tali



My name is Tali, and I’m originally from the small island of St. Kitts located in the Caribbean. I now live in New York, and I’m currently in graduate school pursuing what I believe Yah has called me to do. I’m engaged to a wonderful guy whom Yahweh has bless me with. We both look to Yah as our rock and our guide and are super duper excited to be getting married!! Please do pray for us!



Fruits of the Spirit Series


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