{Love} One Great Love….


I am inspired to write these words that come to mind.

To share a word with those who inspire.
Inspire to be a light to us.
To go through life with one great love.

What love may we ask is this?
A love that abounds above all.
A love that never fails.
A love that never ends.

How do we attain this one great love?
First, by loving your one and only king.
Second, by loving your neighbor as yourself.
Willingly giving to the widows and fatherless.

It seems an easy task we say.
Easy is it to forget.
We say we will.
Then turn around and never do.

We read but never gather.
We hear but never really do.
We go about our lives.
Forgetting the importance to it.

How great is this love?
That we never seem to give.
How great is this king?
That we seem to forget to praise.

He says to keep his commandments.
To obey his ordinances.
Love him with all our heart, mind and strength.
To love our brother as ourselves.

Let us give this love in return.
For the mercy our king as bestowed.
Let us shout joy and gladness.
For we all have been given the chance to live.


—by Lauren Hall


Fruits of the Spirit Series


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