Sometimes in Life…

sometimes in life

It’s easy to just say… ‘what’s the point?’ and ‘does it really matter?’

It’s easy to just point out all the bad stuff and forget about all the blessings.

It’s easy to just look back and wish you could re-do everything you wish you never did.

It’s easy to just call it quits and give up right now.


Yet there’s still something there in your heart bugging you to not give up.


There’s still a tiny bit of hope left that you just don’t want to see.



               it’s. just. hard.


The dark, endless, sleepless nights.

The constant stabs that shred your heart to pieces.

Was it not enough?

Is it not enough?


They say things happen for a purpose. Okay, what’s the purpose?

Why pain? Why heartache? Why?


It’s. Not. Over.


You say, it’s over. I say it’s only the beginning…only the beginning of a road that seems endless, but it’s not the end, not yet. So where’s the encouragement in that?


Where’s the hope in pain? Where’s the hope in fear? Where’s the hope in the brokenness?


It’s there. You just have to look. You don’t have to look too hard or too far.

It’s in the light. In every sunrise. In every hour of every day.


Just listen.


There is hope. Even in darkness. One day you will see it. Because it’s there, just waiting for you to see it.


Job 11:15-19”…you shall lift up your face without spot; and you shall stand firm, and not be afraid, because you would forget sorrow, and remember it as waters that have passed away, and your life would be brighter than noon. You would soar upward, you would be like the morning. And you shall trust, because there is expectancy. And when you have searched you shall lie down in safety. And you shall rest, and no one would make you afraid…”


3 thoughts on “Sometimes in Life…

    1. You mean like, you want to express that you love to follow Him but can never reach up to Him?

      Sorry…I have trouble understanding your comment… Can you clarify it please? :) Thank you for stopping by…

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