pink peppers


Pain. A heart breaking.

Wounds. A life falling apart.

Alone. A soul thrown to the ground.


Does anyone see them slowly dying?

Does anyone hear the sound of their beating heart?

Does anyone care to reach out to them?

Tell them it’s okay, tell them that they will make it through.

So many hurting, so many breaking apart.

So many needing a miracle.


Fear. Because all they see are bruises.

Darkness. Because light is too far gone.

Despair. Because they don’t see any hope.

The hurt. The anger. The hatred. The reminders.

The sticks and stones that pierce their souls.

Does. anyone. hear?

Waiting for Redemption to win.

Waiting for healing.

Waiting for light.

Waiting for love

Worn. Hold on. 

Trampled. Be Strong.

Broken. Keep Breathing.


Redemption is here.

Love is here.

Light is here.

Healing is here.



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