Feast of Tabernacles Part 5


The second day of the feast there were Hebrew lessons, a Shofar Making class and a tassel making class.


hebrew lesson



Some rams horns that will be turned into shofars! =D



The shofar man explaining something about the rams horn I think…





shofar class

First they sanded the end of the shofar, then drilled a hole.



Then they smoothed it all out…and you have a shofar! =D


hanging around



Me an’ my buddy Miss Lily….isn’t she just the cutest? =D



“…When those trials come your way, lift your hands up high and say

\☺/ \☺/ \☺/ HALLELUYAH! \☺/ \☺/ \☺/   ”



That evening there was a Woman’s Tea Time…


woman's tea time

The ladies were divided into groups and each group had a topic to discuss. And each group has someone to summarize the topic that they discussed to the rest of the ladies.


The following day was bright and sunny. In the morning, after the Torah reading, there was a gathering by the sukkah for some praise and worship…


Singing at the Sukkah

praise and worship meeting

Worship and teaching…


After that there was a gathering at the community campfire…



The following day was Friday…there was a community meal that night =)


food mealtime

After the meal there was a youth meeting where we looked over the play we were going preform. While that was going there was a men’s meeting in the Conference Center.


play and mens meating

On Shabbat there was a meeting in the afternoon…That evening there was a Hebrew Roots Seminar…



Sunday there was a Ladies Luncheon…


Woman's luncheon


And then…..there was the volleyball tournament. Adults vs. Youth! First they had the adults and the youth split up in teams and had the adults play against each other. And then the teens against each other and finally the winning teams played against one another. The adults won…. and for more fun they mixed the youth and adults together…







There was much dispute on where the ball had fallen….



Volleyball 1



And this day was the evening of the play. It was also the evening for special music…


singing time


Acts Play


After the play there was a midnight midrash for the youth…



Monday a group of us went to see Onondaga Cave.


{More pictures coming soon ;) }

And then I finally got to try a bow and arrow hehe….





That evening there was a teaching on Survival.



Recognizing the men who helped with the feast ^ Praise Yahweh!


Unfortunately I had a cold that evening :\


It was a nice morning on the last Great day. The only thing was that it was well…the last day of the feast :( I had a cold and I was departing from my friends the next day…. :( {The two really don’t go together…}


onondaga spring place

So that day my mom and dad and I went to see Onondaga Spring…this is a little pool by it…a small waterfall runs near by…yes I have pictures of it…no I wont post it yet hehehe =D Here we prayed and enjoyed the lovely weather, and the pleasantness of the place.



There were more baptisms…





To end the feast there was an auction for alms…




The auctioneer :D



And this my friends is the end of the journey of the Feast of Tabernacles 2012… And I will leave you with this…





If you would like to know more about the Feast of Tabernacles and the other fall feasts please check out this link… http://www.eliyah.com/transcripts/html/09012012study-vid.html

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