Feast of Tabernacles 2012 Part 3


And so we start up where we left off! It is now Sunday and the welcome booth is all set up for people who are arriving!



Khyri Collage


One of my little friends =)


People setting up a tent..



Some people arriving…


I think that night we had a mini fellowship meal…


And so it is now Monday, the day before the First Great Day….



Our friend Sady Delapp {http://spicetreemusic.blogspot.com/} playing a song in the morning…






Meet my buddy Lily ;)


And the Sukkah building begins!!


Little helpers :)



Setting up a tent..


Sukkah Collage



Raising the walls…


Silas with a hat

tent Collage

Lily expressions Collage


More people who have arrived!




Putting up the tarps…



The Sukkah is finished!!!



Some little guys getting some wood…



More tents being set up…



A little girl blowing a shofar! HalleluYah!


The Feast begins!!!

Part 4 comin’ soon!!


9 thoughts on “Feast of Tabernacles 2012 Part 3

  1. Awesome, it looks like you had a great time at FOT, I see many familiar faces in your photos. If those are Sady’s kids they’ve sure grown up.

    1. Yes those are Sady’s kids! And the new addition to their family is Miss Lily :) She is due for another baby in December :D

  2. I’ve been without my computer for weeks, it seems I have a LOT to go through. *Takes a seat and enjoys the beautiful pictures*

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