Feast of Tabernacles 2012 Part 2

So! We left on Friday…the day after Yom Kippur…On our way there, we encountered some really heavy fog…I mean REALLY heavy fog…






I had a hard time getting good pictures of it out of the car windows though…


Anyway….the fog cleared and we got to the camp safely =D Praise Yahweh!



Ozark Outdoors is where the feast was held….above this building is the conference center where the meetings were held.



Since we got there early, we got to see the Sabbath broadcast by EliYah (EliYah.com)



Stuff set up for the live broadcast…. (You can watch his live broadcasts every Shabbat @ http://www.eliyah.com/live/ 12:00 ET)




After the broadcast we had a small fellowship meal at our friend’s campsite….





After the meal 3 ladies along with myself decided to have a walk to enjoy the nice weather….




I will end this part with a video that was taken during the night of special music…..


Part 3 coming soon! =D


7 thoughts on “Feast of Tabernacles 2012 Part 2

  1. What a blessing that you have documented this special time for all and shared your video with us. Such a blessing to hear your praise and worship with you! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  2. That was awesome singing Jenna. Your voice is beautiful. I was singing along with you. Sometime we will have to sing together face to face. :-)

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