two drawings and a frog

So this is a frog my dad caught on Thursday…






Above are two drawings that I drew. The first one I drew like a few weeks ago. The second is a drawing I drew this past Sabbath =D


6 thoughts on “two drawings and a frog

  1. Eh! Nice drawings, like the mountains and valleys the best.

    When we were in North America we used to love catching frogs from a friend’s pond. Also caught fish by hand sometimes, Once we fed one to the cats, most were afraid to try it but one, gulped it down with out even chewing it, like it was something too hot to chew. I’m sure he could feel it flopping around in his stomach as he didn’t even bother to kill it first.

      1. Yeah they are, independent, and are either very friendly and never want to leave you, or in other cases they just think that your fingers taste delicious and make for better hot-dogs than they do for petting. Ouch!

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