New Life…

Your hand lifts up the weary and broken,

You hold their hearts.

When a battle is raging on

You calm the storm with your voice.

And when lives are shattered and mourning,

You breathe life back into them…



With the blood You shed,

With your last breath,

You showed the way to a new life…


With Your love for every person on earth,

You poured out Your mercy,

And You’ve given me a new life…



Where the darkness has fallen,

You have shown Your light.

When the lost finally see Your glory,

When the darkness will no longer reign.

The day everyone will call Your name…



Your love is amazing,

You have shown us a new life.

You are lovely,

And I can’t wait to see this new life

You have prepared for us…


7 thoughts on “New Life…

  1. Is that your picture at your house, right now???

    Where I live we have snow on the ground, no blossoms or anything. : (

    1. Well, the one of the tulip is one by our house… but the other two are from a park we went to the other day :D we haven’t had any snow this year…but I guess that’s Texas! :D

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