Today my mom and I spent a few minutes untangling some yarn that I had left all tangled. Untangling yarn is very serious business! I mean, you have to go and slowly unravel the tangled spots, and then you have to role it up in a ball. While we were untangling the big lump of tangles, my mom pointed out how it’s sometimes like that in life. So I pondered about it and here’s what I think . When our life is all tangled up in knots. And it’s when you finally realize you’re stuck, you just give up and try and forget about all your troubles. But then you remember the mess you were left in. That’s when you realize the only person who can untangle you is the Heavenly Father. Yet it doesn’t end there. While He slowly and gently untangles you, He rolls it all up and puts it back in it’s place. The only way He can help you is if you surrender it all to Him, put before Him all the tangles you have in your life and let him untangle you. Don’t try and force it all by pulling and tugging at the tangles, because that will just make the knots worse. But let Him guide you into one piece again…



6 thoughts on “Tangled…

  1. Very well put!!

    I was and always have been a believer in Jesus. For the last year or so, I have found myself in a giant tangle and a few other small tangles. I tried and tried to free myself, but I just couldn’t do it. I gave up for about 2 months. Just recently I walked back into Jesus’ arms and I started feeling Him untangle me. I’m so happy I came back, and I’m never going to leave Him again!

  2. What a wonderful comment. It appears to me that your parents are keeping Duet. 11:19
    Keep up the good work, You are a blessing to all……. :)


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