Why, Hello There!

Picnik collage


Why, hello! I am an anole lizard…




{this one kept running away from me…I guess it doesn’t like humans…}

Picnik collage 2


During the day I am usually roaming around looking for food or just hanging out…




Picnik collage 3


I like to run! Usually I’m quick, so you probably wont be able to catch me… =D



A lot of times I try and hide or run from anything that tries to bother me…{like me..hehe}





Well, I think I must go now!! Tata!






5 thoughts on “Why, Hello There!

  1. awww… it looks like our little Babe and Charrollet… we have two anole lizards and they are so sweet, but not to each other :-/ they are both female and lay eggs in the summer, but like chickens the eggs are not fertile, interesting huh… love the pics

    YahKheena & girls

    1. Oooh! I think our two lizards were a male and a female…they seemed to just mind each others business…. We had to let them go cause their food {crickets} were expensive to buy.

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