Pure White…


“Look at this. What do you see?” her father questioned.

“A lovely rose,” she said.

“What color?”


“Pure white,” her father emphasized. “What else do you notice?”

“Well, it is closed. It is just a bud.”

“What is the inside like?” he inquired. “Open it for me.”

“I can’t open it for you!”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because it has to open by itself,” she stated.

“But I want to see the inside,” repeated the king.”

“Then you will have to wait for it to open when it is ready. If I force it to open, you will never see its beauty.”

“But are you not overly cautious?” teased the king. “We’ll only open a few petals.”

“The rose is very delicate,” she answered. “The petals will tear, and it will never be the same.”

“And so it is with many fair maidens,” the king explained. “Their beauty is never fully seen, for they wait not until the proper time. They are handled and played with by too many a fellow. Their heart is opened prematurely. The fragrance and beauty that was intended for the perfect time is lost or damaged forever.”

“Yes, I understand now, Father,” said the princess, “but all I want to do is go to the fair. I won’t—”

“Thou mayest go to the fair if thou think it to be profitable, but first thou must understand how easily a heart can be stolen. Thou must purpose to be a white and pure rose—a bud that is still closed and one that will not give away the key to her heart until the time be right.”

“How will I know the right time?”

“Thou wilt know. But it will not be for a while. Devote thyself to the business of thy Heavenly Father. Learn to lay down thy life for others. In so doing, thou wilt be prepared for the noblest and bravest of knights, and no rose will be sweeter nor more beautiful than thee.”

                             —From the book Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally

I love how Sarah  describe the rose and  the heart  as delicate.   Waiting is one of the hardest things to do, but we are suppose to be patient. It’s easy to say “Well, what if the right guy/girl will come? What if I’ll end up some old single person?”   The problem is that the rest of the world is telling us that we  don’t need to wait, that we have to look for ourselves  to see who is right for us.  “What  am I suppose to do, just sit here?” We are to think about our Father, not who our future husband/wife will be!   Go and read your bible, get closer to the One who is slowly but carefully scripting a story more beautiful than any story you’ve read. So we should not force the rose to open, let it open by itself, wait and pray and don’t worry about what is not wholly important. Focus on what is important, focus on getting/building a foundation around  your Heavenly Spouse.

Psalm 27:14—Wait on Yahweh, be strong, and let Him strengthen your heart! Wait, I say, on Yahweh!

Galatians 5:16—And I say: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not accomplish the lust of the flesh.



11 thoughts on “Pure White…

  1. “Son 2:7 – I have put you under oath, O daughters of Yerushalayim, by the gazelles or by the does of the field, do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases.” :)

  2. Thanks for this lovely reminder dearest! I am loving your pictures, and yes flowers are so, so, so lovely! and so are you! :)

    Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Very good, Jenna. I am glad Yahweh has shown you that you must wait on him to choose your future husband. What we must do is to focus on him, then he will bring our husbands’ to us, so let’s
    keep our hearts pure, and focused on Yahweh!
    Much love, AbbiYah.

  4. Very beautiful! I pray that many more will come to see the truth in these words, despite how hard it may seem in the times we’re living in. Also saw your more recent post on the Radiant Purity Convention and that’s how I found this post; great job! Yah bless!

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