So, now here I am back home looking back on the memories that had just passed. This year I got to make new friends and be better friends with the ones I already had. I got to share my talents and hear the talents of others. I got to laugh and sing and have fun. Glory to Yahweh! It was truly a blessed occasion.




On the Wednesday night when Ian Michaels performed, I also played my song again, because they wanted to record it =). I’m not real experienced with singing in front of people, so there were a few not so good parts {hopefully you can’t really tell! =D }. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it :o]



May you all have a blessed Sabbath (:



Psa 147:5— Great is our Master and mighty in power, There is no limit to His understanding.


16 thoughts on “Conclusion…

  1. Dear Jenna,
    I really liked your song, the music and the words were very soothing and beautiful.
    I have written a couple of songs myself, I will e-mail them to you later. Blessings, AbbiYah.
    P.S. My sister wants to learn how to play piano!

    1. I’m glad you liked it (: {I don’t really know how to play :D I can make up stuff, but I can’t really read the notes for the piano! :( }

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