Sukkot Days! Part 3



Shabbat, my mom, dad, and I went to the activity field on the campground and read the Torah. Going across the activity field is the zip line.










On the trail to the activity field we found this very interesting looking tree. If you know Hebrew enough to know the letters, you’ll know this is a “Lamed”…




Next is something we call a “stick bug”. It looks a lot like a stick, and when on the ground it is very hard to see!





^This picture kind of got messed up, because I had it focused on the back ground =D Anyway, it looks a little okay =D


Well my friends, that’s all for today!!! =o]


10 thoughts on “Sukkot Days! Part 3

  1. That tree totally looks like a lamed! Weird! ;) Hey, I thought you promised me you wold delete that last picture! At least you didn’t get my face, hahaha!

    1. I did? Hm, I don’t remember sayin that! =| Well, obviously my memory isn’t that great! =P Sorry! At least it’s only your back! =D

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