Rain!!~”Look What the Squirrel Did!!”

Ahh…Finally it has rained again. How can you not like the fresh smell outside after it rains? It’s just nice isn’t it?




Everything around you just looks nice and cool…




The pitter patter of the rain on the roof. The coziness of the house. Even the gloominess of the cloudy sky is pleasant…




Okay…now that I’m done with that. I shall share something unusual that happened today…




This is the front of our birdhouse. This is what the birdhouse use to look like here. And here is what it looks like now…






Now here’s the interesting part. I was just sitting looking at something on the computer {I think} when I looked and saw a squirrel examining the birdhouse. I guess maybe he was looking for something to eat. Well, I heard a noise like a piece of board falling from somewhere onto the ground. I didn’t really pay much attention to it which is kind of odd, but later I came back in the room {I had walked out} I looked and saw the birdhouse looking like the above pictures! Anyways, the birdhouse is pretty old and weathered out so it would make sense that one day something would come out.


Later I received this drawing from a friend of mine, which was something really nice because I hardly *ahem* get mail…





Well, I think that will be it for today!!! =D


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