A Little or A Few Photography Things…

So, I am back again with more photography! But I’ll try to add a little bit of writing to it (: Lets first go to Mr. Ducky…


More Ducky_picnik


^On Yom Teruah we had a lot of company. I mean, a lot! Ducks were all over the place. But that just made me take more pictures! =D

Looking for Food


^One duck however, was around us for quite a while. I guess he was looking for food…


Black Bird_picnik


^Black birds were all around us too. I think they were also looking for a meal…




^This one I found pretty cool. If you look closely, the tale looks like a heart…


Swiming all Around


^Later on, the ducks decided to go down into the water for a nice little swim before sundown…


Almost on the Water_picnik


^And after much effort, I finally caught some ducks landing on the water! {:


I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Will post again soon! May you have a great day!!!


3 thoughts on “A Little or A Few Photography Things…

    1. Thank you :D Well, I don’t live close to a bay…we just went to the lake to look for the moon since it has a good view of the sky (:

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