Another one of my Poems

Beyond the HorizonSukkot2010 023

Take me beyond the horizon

Where I’ve seen the flowers grow,

Show me where the sun rises

Show me where it sets.

Take me where the roses bloom

Where the sun shines forever

I would like to go there.

On a hill, far away

Where no one has ever been.

Take me there,

Beyond the horizon

I wish to go.

Lets go where no one has been,

Come with me,

Where only sky reflects the waters.

Take me there, take me there,

Lets run across every plain

Run across every field

Across every sea.

Take me, show me,

Where the sun never sets

Where the sky changes it’s colors.

Sail every sea,

Explore every land.

Watch the weather change.

Take me, carry me, show me,

Beyond the horizon.

Where the flowers bloom,

Where the roses bloom,

Beyond the horizon.

Take me, show me,

Where only birds have been,

Take my hand, lead me there

Take me to the furthest land.

Three steps away,

Two steps away,

One step away.

I can see it, do you see it?

Take my hand, let us go, let us run,

Show me over,

Lead me over,

Take me, beyond the horizon.


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