A Poem…

A Heart’s Confession

A heart beats out words

No one hears, it’s a soft whisper

A silent confession

Wishing to be heard by one.

Tempting to say the words aloud

Yet the disgrace of it would be calling out,

A song rings through the quietness

The song of a heart’s confession.

Tears flowing, a heart growing,

The fast beating of a heart

Glowing eyes, it’s only the start,

Of a silent heart’s confession.

The rain once beat upon the waters

The seagull once left with a cry

No one said it would be easy to understand

The words of a heart’s confession.

Prayers, words, a time the world hadn’t known

A small place in the fall sun,

It was after then that it came,

One little heart’s confession.

Drumming beats of a heart

When it sees what no one can see

When it hears what no one can hear

The face of it brightens.

Wishing to tell but can’t,

Like the hidden stars

On a cloudy night

No one may see them.

Sunshine gleams over glistening water

Pink flowers bloom in the sunlight

Will it last forever?

Would the confession stay faithful?

The little beat of a heart

One laugh, one giggle

A bright star in a clear sky

One little heart’s confession.


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